'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Bundle Sells Early on eBay For Over $1,000

Even though the game itself won’t be available for over another month yet, fans of the series [...]

Even though the game itself won't be available for over another month yet, fans of the series can celebrate by picking up a special Nintendo Switch bundle set to hit retail next month, including a limited edition version of the system, JoyCons and a download code for the game. But apparently, someone just couldn't wait for the start of November.

Super Smash Bros.

It appears that an eBay seller by the name of Whoyle08 managed to get their hands on a very early version of the bundle, and showed off that it was the real deal when they listed it with a number of pictures. And even though the auction started out at a low price, it ended up way higher than expected -- it concluded at $1,095.00.

Granted, the winning bidder won't be able to play Smash until the rest of us, thanks to that download code. But they will be able to enjoy the design of the system and JoyCons earlier than most folks, so there's that.

The seller didn't note how they were able to get their hands on an early bundle, but there are some ideas. The whole thing could possibly be a hoax, but if it is, it's a pretty damn good looking hoax. Or maybe they just got their hands on a bundle from a retailer who forgot about the release date, which happens on occasion. Whatever the case, it looks like both the buyer and seller are pleased with the results. (Unless the buyer is Nintendo, in which case...oh, boy.)

This isn't the first time that someone broke the bank trying to buy something early off of eBay. Last month, we reported on a desperate consumer that spent over $7,000 on a copy of Super Mario Party for Nintendo Switch, just mere days before the game was officially set for release. And the cartridge didn't even come with its case. That's pretty nuts. I mean, if it were Smash, sure, we'd kind of understand. But Mario Party?

That's just the thing with eBay, we suppose. Look at how much those Taco Bell Xbox One X Platinum bundles are going for. At least a grand, and in some cases even higher. Some folks really don't mind paying top dollar to get their hands on the ultimate gaming experience first. Us? Well, we can wait a little bit. But not too long, if you catch our drift.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on December 7. For the rest of us that want that Switch bundle, it drops on November 2.

(Kudos to Nintendo Life for the scoop!)