'Super Smash Bros. Ultimate' Player's Chart Helps Players Pick a Fighter to Main

A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player has created a sprawling flowchart to guide people through the [...]

A Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player has created a sprawling flowchart to guide people through the process of choosing their main fighter.

Choosing a main in a fighting game is no easy task most of the time, and it's perhaps even more challenging in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate considering how there are more than 70 characters to pick from. To help with that task, Twitter user overtoneseries constructed the chart below with tons of choices and paths for players to follow until they figure out who they're supposed to play. A mirror for the image was provided to provide a different way to view it, but anyone wanting to read it will almost certainly have to click the actual image to zoom in and get the full experience.

The flowchart obviously isn't the most scientific way of picking a fighter to main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it's got several jokes to be appreciated once you dig through the paths to find your fighter. People who responded to the tweet highlighted some of their favorite paths and lines including some that highlighted the taunt-filled style that Incineroar utilizes and others that left Bowser Jr. out in the cold.

For anyone who actually wants to choose a main in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it's going to take much more than a flowchart to pick who should be stuck with. People have already done their best to figure out who the top-tiered characters are with pros revealing their picks, some of those putting one of the newest fighters above the rest. Other efforts saw every fighter ranked from S-Tier all the way down to the ones that are best to avoid playing.

Some people might just be holding onto a pool of characters for now until their new mains come out when DLC characters are released. Piranha Plant is one such DLC fighter that's on the way with Joker from Persona 5 being the next DLC character to release at a later date.