Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters Pass 2 Is Now Available

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players don’t yet know who will be in the game’s next Fighters Pass that’s filled with more DLC characters than before, but don’t think that’ll stop them from ordering the Fighters Pass ahead of its release. Nintendo’s latest pass that guarantees access to six different Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters and more is now up in the Nintendo Switch eShop for players to pick up sooner rather than later. It’s priced at $29.99 which is a bit more than the first Fighters Pass, but it makes sense given that there’s another character in this o ne compared to the previous pass.

Nintendo launched its Fighters Pass Vol. 2 through the eShop this week along with a few details about what’s included. We know of the six fighters that’ll be in the pass even if we don’t yet know their identities, but people often forget about the extras that are included beyond the fighters. Each release will be accompanied by additional stages that correspond with the fighter and their appropriate music, and anyone who owns the pass will get some unique gear for the Mii Fighters in the form of the Ancient Soldier outfit.

Just like last time, players should be able to purchase each Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighter as they’re announced instead of buying the whole pass and investing up front for unknown characters. Those who trust the DLC decisions made by game director Masahiro Sakurai and Nintendo based on what was in the first Fighter Pass can go ahead and secure their next pass. There’s no rush though since it’s not like they’re going to run out, but it’s at least nice to have the option for the more dedicated Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players.

The DLC characters that’ll be in this pass have already been decided as well in case any players were planning on taking to Twitter to pitch requests to Sakurai and Nintendo. Sakurai confirmed as much during the reveal of Byleth, the new fighter who was just added to the game, while adding that he’d be very grateful to those who bought the pass despite not knowing what’s in it.


“Now that it’s official, we intend to move ahead with development,” Sakurai continued. “Of course, like last time, the contents will remain unknown for now, and I’m personally very sorry that we have to release Fighter Pass Volume 2 when the details have yet to be revealed. Like last time, I’d be very grateful if, despite that, you would understand why and purchased it.”

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s new fighters from the second pass are now in development, so expect to see tons of “leaks” and rumors leading up to Nintendo’s official announcements.

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