'Swordsfall' Brings a New Gorgeous Afropunk World to Tabletop RPGs

Swordsfall could become the next big tabletop RPG game if its campaign setting and art book is any [...]

Swordsfall could become the next big tabletop RPG game if its campaign setting and art book is any indication. Earlier this week, Brandon Dixon launched a Kickstarter to raise funds for Welcome to Tikor, a new campaign setting and art book that will introduce players to the world of his planned Swordsfall tabletop RPG game. According to the Kickstarter, Swordsfall is a rich Afropunk sci-fantasy game inspired by the rich lore of pre-colonial Africa. Tapping into lore of various African cultures gives the continent of Tikor a unique feel not seen in other fantasy RPGs and also breaks the stereotypes often seen when fantasy literature and media tries to blend the people of a continent into a single culture.

Dixon is building Swordsfall as its own RPG system, but Welcome to Tikor is a campaign setting book that players could hypothetically use for any game system. The art by Botswanan artist T'umo Mere looks absolutely gorgeous and the mythology and cultures of Tikor should inspire any DM or GM, regardless of their game system. This is a world where mortals have killed gods, driving an entire continent into a bloody war that unleashed a horde of dark spirits, and brought instability and intrigue to every corner of the continent.

The Kickstarter is primarily being used to raise funds for artwork for Welcome to Tikor, which will also be used in the Swordsfall core rulebook. The Kickstarter has already surpassed its initial funding goal and will be active through April 10th.


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