Teamfight Tactics Is Getting a Second Beta Pass Soon

Teamfight Tactics players who want to keep their Beta Pass progress moving will be able to do so when Patch 9.16 drops since it’s bringing the game mode’s second pass with it. The second iteration of the Beta Pass will release alongside that update and will be live for the next eight weeks to give players more opportunities to earn some map skins, icons, and new emotes. Players will gain experience by completing challenges and just playing the game mode to earn these rewards throughout the pass’ duration.

Riot Games announced the release timing of the second Beta Pass on Tuesday and previewed some of what it involves. When Patch 9.16 comes out, players will be able to play Teamfight Tactics to start making their way through the pass.

“By leveling up your pass you'll be able to unlock six icons, three map chromas, and four emotes,” Riot’s post about the new Beta Pass said. “There’s 9280 XP available to earn over the course of eight weeks, and it’ll cost 6800 XP to unlock all of the rewards.”

Patch 9.20 will mark the end of the second Beta Pass, so players have until then to earn the rewards. If this second pass is any indication, players can probably expect a third one of some sort to be released after the eight weeks this one is available.

Players will still get Orbs of Enlightenment in the pass, though these work a bit differently now. Seventy XP is awarded for logging in with the next five games earning players 10 XP each. That’s a total of 120 XP for the pass each day before counting the XP gained from the missions described in the post.


“Every week, you'll get six missions that you can complete to earn XP,” Riot said. “Two will be relatively easy and should be completable in one session. Two will be based on completing a certain number of games. The last two will be more difficult, requiring you to complete something challenging or stretch your understanding of rules or strategy within Teamfight Tactics. Three missions will be active at any given time, and once one is completed another will automatically take its place. Missions rotate every week around the same time that a patch would drop.”

Teamfight Tactics’ next Beta Pass will release on Wednesday when Patch 9.16 is available.