Tekken 7 Gets Its First New Character, Strange New Taiko: Drum Master DLC

We’re still waiting a little while for Geese Howard to join the fighting ranks of Tekken 7, [...]


We're still waiting a little while for Geese Howard to join the fighting ranks of Tekken 7, since he and the previously announced Tekken Bowl DLC aren't likely to arrive for the game later this year. That said, there's some new downloadable content that is available now that fans of the hit fighting game will want to check out.

Bandai Namco has confirmed that a new character has been added to the ranks. Eliza, a feisty brawler who was previously available through a pre-order program for the game, is now available for general purchase. You can buy her character for $4.99 and watch as she kicks her way up the ranks through the Tekken roster.

But that's not all. Bandai Namco has also released some special DLC based on its hit Japanese music/rhythm series Taiko: Drum Master, which is available free of charge. This introduces a number of Taiko-themed goodies to the game, including adorable drum characters that float around during the fight, as well as special t-shirts, effects, health gauges and other goodies. (Fingers crossed that we get to fight to the likes of the Don Rangers song, which we included below for good measure.)

Taiko: Drum Master was originally made popular on the PlayStation 2 platform, as well as in arcades, with players toiling away at a drum-like controller with a pair of traditional taiko drum sticks. Since then, several sequels have come out for other platforms, though none have been released in the U.S. since Drum Master, probably due to its low sales. That said, a PlayStation 4 version is in the works, so maybe Bandai Namco will give that version a chance on the market.

While Tekken 7's DLC plan isn't exactly elaborate, it's great to see that the team (Harada and company) are planning content that's worthwhile to fans, and will make them more appreciative of everything that the newest entry in the fighting series has to offer. If you haven't picked it up yet, we highly recommend doing so, as it's a real blockbuster.

Tekken 7 is available now for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.