Temtem Adds New Island, More Critters in Major Update

Temtem, the MMO "creature-collection adventure," has officially released its first major update since hitting Steam Early Access earlier this year. You might recall Temtem as the MMO that is strongly reminiscent of an online version of the Pokemon games as it has been compared to as such ever since it was revealed. In addition to a bunch of smaller changes, today's update has added an entirely new island.

Some of the improvements and additions beyond simply a whole new area include a new and improved in-game chat, 23 new Temtem, climbing gear, in-game clubs and titles, and the addition of hotels and bars to previously released islands. You can check out the full patch notes from developer Crema right here.

"This update represents the first part of the Kisiwa update," the patch notes read in part. "We plan to release another two more content updates during the Kisiwa cycle including access to new areas on the island, access to the player Housing and more." So, essentially, expect to see even more of the new Kisiwa Island in the future, but it's not all available at the moment. Given that Temtem is still in Steam Early Access, it's not terribly surprising to see the update split into several distinct chunks.

Temtem is currently available for PC via Steam Early Access. A Nintendo Switch version was previously announced. As noted above, today's Kisiwa Island update is the first major one for the title. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Temtem right here.

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