The Adventure Zone Tabletop Game Details Revealed

The designers of the upcoming The Adventure Zone tabletop game have revealed some new details about gameplay and how the game will work. Earlier this summer, Twogether Studios announced they were working on a tabletop game adaptation of The Adventure Zone, a popular RPG podcast starring the McElroy family. Few details were announced about the game, but Twogether hinted that the game would involve the Bureau of Balance, which was explored in the opening "Balance" storyline of The Adventure Zone. Earlier today, Twogether Studios announced some new details about the upcoming game, including that it would be a cooperative card game that can be played in under an hour.

In The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance, players will take on the role of reclaimers-in-training trying to reclaim dangerous relics while battling dangerous villains and other threats. Challenges are represented by decks, which players have to work together to overcome. Twogether noted that story is one of the most important parts of The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance, and that you'll have to come up with how you defeat those threats. The game is also a purely cooperative experience with no game master and no competition among players. The card game will also generate different kinds of challenges, leading to tons of replayability.

Twogether also announced several upcoming playtests for the game, which will include events at the XOXO Festival in Portland, Oregon, GAME Expo in Springfield, MO, and additional events in Chicago, IL, Boston, MA, Seattle, WA, and Portland,Oregon. Additional information can be found on Twogether's webpage.

It'll be interesting to see how Twogether explores the cooperative card game genre, which has become popular in recent years with games like Aeon's End and Pathfinder: The Adventure Card Game. Usually, these games involve a deckbuilding element, but Twogether's post teases that players might have different stats and the ability to roll dice. You can check out the full blog post about The Adventure Zone: Bureau of Balance here.