DC's The Batman Who Laughs Gets His Own Board Game

Over the past few years, The Batman Who Laughs has grown from a creative one-off take on The Dark Knight into one of the DC universe's most formidable foes. The Batman/Joker hybrid has terrorized the heroes of the DC canon -- and it looks like he's about to do the same to your board game collection. The Op recently announced The Batman Who Laughs Rising, the fifth installment in their Rising game series, which previously tackled franchises like Star Wars and Harry Potter. The cooperative card and dice game will pit players against the villainous foe, allowing them to recruit key superheroes in the fight ahead.

(Photo: The Op)

In The Batman Who Laughs Rising, a passage from the Dark Multiverse has allowed the most dangerous evildoers to infiltrate Gotham City, and these Dark Knights alongside their menacing leader are eager to do their worst to the city.

"Save the multiverse and do battle with Power, Purpose, Determination, and Justice with four starting heroes: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Batman, each with their own teams and special abilities," the game's description reads in part. "Prominently on the opposition stands a custom sculpted, full-color figure of The Batman Who Laughs, crazed and commanding a fistful of chained Evil Robins. As the demonic leader doles out damage wherever he turns, regain control by empowering Allies such as Harley Quinn, The Flash, and Cyborg, whose skills can complete objectives or help recover what is lost to darkness. Take out villainous versions of Batman such as The Merciless, The Dawnbreaker, The Murder Machine, and more before facing off with the psychotic Joker-ized antagonist himself!"

The game will include one miniature figure of the titular baddie, as well as a slew of objects and features, which can be found below:

  • 1 Dark Knights Die
  • 1 Batman Who Laughs Die
  • 15 Hero Dice
  • 32 Dark Knights Track Counters
  • 60 Damage Counters
  • 4 Team Deployment Tokens
  • 30 Bonus Tokens
  • 4 Team Ability Cards
  • 38 Character (Hero and Villain) Cards
  • 7 Dark Knights Cards
  • Rulebook

The Batman Who Laughs Rising is recommended for 1-4 players ages 15 and up, and is expected to retail for $49.99. A release date has not been officially released, although The Op recommends keeping an eye on its social media for future updates.

Will you be adding The Batman Who Laughs Rising to your game collection? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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