The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Gets Release Window, Trailer

Supermassive Entertainment and Bandai Namco put out a new trailer for The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me this week alongside a more narrowed release window. Previously announced for a 2022 release, The Devil in Me is now confirmed to be out at some point during Fall 2022. This trailer confirmed that alongside some additional story details from the game as well as a preview of some of the pitfalls The Devil in Me's cast will find themselves encountering.

That trailer seen below opens with an ominous conversation set over unsettling scenes of mannequins, booby traps, and more. This game's cast finds themselves traversing a "Murder House" that looks to be much more than just a replica of the real deal based on what's seen in the trailer.

"A group of documentary film makers receive a mysterious call inviting them to a modern-day replica of HH Homes' 'Murder Castle'," a preview of the game read. "But on arrival the crew soon discover they're being watched and even manipulated, and suddenly there's much more at stake than just their ratings!"

Supermassive typically gets recognizable actors and actresses to portray the various characters in its games, and not long ago, it was confirmed that Jessie Buckley would be taking on a leading role in The Devil in Me. An overview of the game shared on its site confirmed that we'll also see some features totally new to The Dark Pictures Anthology when this game releases as opposed to simply a new story with more twists and outcomes.

"Nothing is as it seems here, and the amenities are to die for!" the creators teased. "Explore every nook of the World's Fair hotel using the all-new season finale features including character inventory, tool-based puzzles, and expanded movement actions such as run, jump, and climb."


Different versions of the game are up for pre-order right now including the base release as well as a Collector's Edition which comes with a couple of collectibles as well as early access to the Curator's Cut, a special edition of games in The Dark Pictures Anthology which gives players even more ways to replay the games.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me will be out in Fall 2022.