The Forest Releases for the PS4 in November

Endnight Games announced the console release date for its survival game The Forest on Wednesday [...]

Endnight Games announced the console release date for its survival game The Forest on Wednesday with the title due out on November 6 for the PlayStation 4.

A game that puts players in a foreboding wooded landscape that's filled with all sorts of creatures, the PC version of The Forest left Steam early access at the end of April. Following that full release, Endnight Games said that the PS4 version was next with the most recent announcement confirming when the game would be out.

"The Forest casts you as a father looking for his missing son after you both survive a passenger plane crash," Endnight Games game developer Anna Terekhova said about The Forest on the PlayStation Blog post that announced the release date. "You'll have to find food and water, and as night approaches build a fire and shelter to keep warm. Although tranquil at first, you soon find there is something sinister lurking in the trees."

Enemies that range from the humanoid to the grotesque inhabit the forest that players are trapped in, many of which will force players to defend themselves. Basic tools and weapons can be crafted to assist players in their journeys, Terekhova explained, but the best gear is often hidden away in caves that are filled with danger. Players navigate these with limited light to reveal what's around them, but the rewards for successfully pillaging a cave can be plentiful.

The game will also launch with a co-op component as well. While survival games such as these are typically single-player experiences – The Forest being designed to play that way as well – Endnight Games added a multiplayer aspect to the game and says that it's the better way to play.

"We originally focused on the game as a single-player-only experience, but fans of the game encouraged us to implement a multiplayer mode. Set out as up to four dads on a horror adventure to find your missing kid. Join together with friends to build, swim, or mess around with turtle-shell sledding in the snow. We now feel multiplayer is the best way to experience The Forest, playing with up to three other friends for the ultimate survival horror experience."

The Forest is scheduled to release for the PS4 on November 6 and will also be playable at PAX West, so expect to see some first impressions on the game soon.