The Last of Us Part 1 Gets Official 10-Minute Gameplay Trailer

The Last of Us Part 1 has received a new official, 10-minute gameplay trailer that dives into all of the advancements Naughty Dog has made on the remake. Earlier this week, a bunch of gameplay and screenshots from The Last of Us Part 1 began leaking. Although the game looks gorgeous and is a big graphical leap for the 2013 game, many took issue with some of the actual gameplay. Many noted that the combat looks largely the same as the original game, drawing into question why this was a "remake" as opposed to a "remaster" in addition to it being a $70 game. Some fans were hoping the game would include some of The Last of Us Part II's features, such as dodging, diving, and crawling, but it doesn't appear that anything like that will be in the game.

Nevertheless, these leaks left a lot of questions about what was new in the remake. Sony has released a 10-minute, official behind the scenes video for The Last of Us Part 1 that allows developers like Neil Druckmann to explain what changes they've made to the game with this remake. The video highlights major technical changes to things like AI, particularly with allies like Ellie and how they will react accordingly in stealth scenarios. One of the most significant issues in the original game was that Ellie would run around in the open in stealth sequences and not be spotted, breaking some immersion. There are also significant visual and environmental changes that help increase immersion. On top of that, Naughty Dog has also added new features like permadeath and speedrun modes as well as new outfits for Ellie and Joel to allow more customization for the players.

Naughty Dog has also added a lot of new accessibility options, which should ensure The Last of Us Part 1 is more accessible than ever. Although some fans have questioned the need for a remake, Naughty Dog noted that it wanted to make the game after seeing some flashback scenes from the first game. In doing so, the first game is able to presented in a way that Naughty Dog would've liked in 2013, but was unable to due to technical restraints.

Does The Last of Us Part 1 look appealing to you? Let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder. The Last of Us Part 1 releases for PlayStation 5 on September 2nd, 2022.