'The Last of Us Part II' Developer Teases Remarkable Achievement


The Last of Us is widely considered one of the best games of all-time. So, to say the bar is set high for its sequel is still probably underselling the pressure developer Naughty Dog is certainly feeling.

That said, recently one of the game's animators, Jonathan Cooper, took to Twitter and gave fans a vague, yet tantalizing tweet boasting about a recent and remarkable achievement by a fellow animator on the team.

From the sounds of it, what Michal Mach has accomplished is potentially groundbreaking, but if you know any animators, it could be something small that only fellow animators would appreciate. Who knows. Naughty Dog has been at the front of pack when it comes to animation for awhile now, so the idea that The Last of Us Part II will raise the bar for the industry trade isn't very surprising.

Still, Cooper's equivocal tweet has fans excited to see what exactly the developer has up its sleeve this time.

However good or not good The Last of Us Part II ends up being -- it's almost certainly going to be at the very least great -- what we do know is that it will have industry leading animation and technical work. And from the sounds of it, if the rest of the game is even half as good as this teased animation feat, it will be another PlayStation classic.


The Last of Us Part II is in development exclusively for PlayStation 4. At the moment of publishing, a release date nor a release window has been provided.

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