The Last Of Us Part II Reveal Trailer Wasn't Actually A Part Of The Game


Many The Last of Us fans had chills when the Part II reveal trailer made its debut. The song, the set up, the environment ... a familiar face. It was the perfect set up to get fans hyped for what's next with an older Ellie and the return of fan favourite. That being said, it's not actually a part of the game.

It's no uncommon for reveal trailers to be set apart from the actual game. Cinematic appeal, encapsulating a narrative within a short timeframe - it's not abnormal per se. So when Neil Druckmann sat down alongside Insomniac's Ted Price and confirmed that the trailer was not a part of the game itself and was purely promotional - we're not surprised. A little saddened, because it was so beautifully executed, but not surprised.

The comment itself was simple, "The first trailer we showed kind of exists purely as an announcement. It's not a scene that takes place in the game." He then went on to discuss the violent nature of the trailer debuted during the Paris Games Week that ended up with a lot of backlash, despite the game being gory in nature. When discussing why the PGW trailer was vital, he had this to say:

“Some people, as we expected, were disturbed by what they saw in the scene and it led to some interesting conversations about what kind of violence is ok in a video game. What kind of violence is ok in what is perceived as a marketing piece? Should a marketing piece need to convey every facet of the game?” he said. “There’s a marketing campaign, each piece can’t possibly tell you everything about the game, only the game can tell you everything about the game. Every time we put something out there, it shows you a different facet of what the final experience is going to be like and I think some people because they were shaken or disturbed wanted more context within this piece alone. I think that’s putting too much weight or responsibility on any one tiny sliver of the game.”

Overall, the conversation was interesting and covered a wide variety of topics. To hear the entire interview, check out the AIAS Game Maker podcast here.