The Last of Us Remake Reason for Development Revealed

Last week, a new report emerged stating that developer Naughty Dog was in the process of remaking [...]

Last week, a new report emerged stating that developer Naughty Dog was in the process of remaking the original The Last of Us for PlayStation 5. Although this game is one that is fond in the hearts of many, the news was largely met with backlash from those who thought that PlayStation shouldn't be looking to remake a game that isn't even that old. Now, new information has emerged that better explains why Naughty Dog is seemingly working on this project.

In a new episode of The MinnMax Show, Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier, who originally revealed this news on The Last of Us remake last week, talked more about why this is a direction that Naughty Dog is going in. Schreier essentially said that the reason the studio is remaking the game is because, at this point in time, many employees at the studio don't have anything else to do. The developer is said to currently be in pre-production on some of its future projects, and as such, those in charge at Naughty Dog don't have a lot going on, making it easy for them to move onto this remake.

To further explain this, the pre-production process is one where initial ideas for video games are typically fully fleshed out. This includes finalizing elements such as the story, characters, art, and world that are going to be found in a given video game. Until these aspects are nailed down in their entirety, though, it's hard for developers to begin working on a game that hasn't even finalized its vision. As such, until production on a new game actually begins in full, it's hard for an entire studio, especially one of Naughty Dog's size, to put all of its developers to work on a game that is still in this phase of creation.

With this in mind, I imagine that many more fans will be perfectly okay with Naughty Dog looking to remake The Last of Us. Even though it might seem a bit too soon for a remake of this type, the thought of seeing the original game running in the engine that was found in The Last of Us Part II does seem quite exciting. As for when this project might officially see the light of day, however, we still don't know. Perhaps PlayStation and Sony will reveal the game officially later on in 2021.

So what do you think about this whole situation? Will you play a new version of The Last of Us? Let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.