The Last of Us: Pedro Pascal Shares Hilarious Blooper From Final Episode

The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal has shared a pretty hilarious blooper from the final scene of the show's first season. The Last of Us has totally dominated social media for the last several months as both longtime fans and newcomers get to experience one of the most acclaimed stories in gaming thanks to an HBO series. The show received near unanimous praise for beautifully capturing the source material, but also expanding upon it in positive ways. It's a pretty significant achievement, especially given how grim the show is. Almost every single episode had fans left in tears or with their heart broken, which came as a bit of a shock to some newcomers who saw the ever charming Pedro Pascal was starring in the series.

However, on set, Pedro Pascal found a way to keep things light on set, even during one of the darkest scenes in the show. Pedro Pascal took to Instagram to pay tribute to the ending of the first season and shared a video of him breaking character during the final scene. When Ellie confronts him about the truth of what happened at the hospital with the Fireflies and tells him about the loss she's experienced in her life, Joel tries to reassure her. Amidst a whole spiel, Pedro Pascal clearly forgot his lines and immediately breaks down in laughter. Naturally, Bella Ramsey also cracked up at how much this was breaking Pascal. You can view the blooper in the post below.

It has already been confirmed that The Last of Us will be getting a physical release later this year, so maybe we'll get lucky and HBO will put a blooper reel on the DVD. If we're really lucky, maybe they'll even upload such a thing to YouTube. As of right now, this is all we have, but fans are demanding more bloopers from the set of the ultra-serious, critically acclaimed show.

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