The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II Comes to Steam on February 14th

XSEED games has announced that The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II, which originally released for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita in 2016, is headed to PC this Spring. The game is a direct sequel to the first story, taking place one month afterward, as the player navigates the unfolding civil war in the fictional kingdom of Erebonia. Check out the trailer below:

The game will be available for purchase via Steam and, but there's good news for fans of the franchise who prefer console: the game is releasing for PlayStation 4 in March.

Here are some of the game's various features:

  • A Direct Sequel that Remembers the Past – Clear data from Trails of Cold Steel carries over into Trails of Cold Steel II, granting players bonuses, and most importantly, remembering the many relationships cultivated during time spent at Thors Military Academy, allowing for more personalized conversations throughout the story.
  • Take to the Land and Sky in New Modes of Transportation – Fast travel isn't just for Trista anymore; a personalized airship now allows players to swiftly choose and descend upon both familiar and foreign destinations alike—and on land, horseback riding not only returns, but players can now customize and utilize Angelica's orbal bike for fast transportation across the map.
  • The Link System Returns with a new Overdrive Mode – Bonding with allies continues to pay off with the Combat Link System, netting a variety of combat benefits including healing, guarding, and more, and the new Overdrive mode allows linked characters to attack up to three turns in a row for new strategic battle options.
  • Experience the Game as Never Before – 50 percent more lines of English voice-overs have been added to the PC release, bringing a fresh experience to even those who have played it before on console. New features for this release include ultra-wide aspect ratio support, turbo mode, and an instant resume feature that allows players to launch directly from Steam to their most recent save.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II releases for PC on February 14th. A Japanese PlayStation 4 release with 4K support is planned for Japan on March 8th.