The Overwatch Anniversary Event Is Officially Underway

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It’s been just about one year since a lot of us started playing Overwatch, since it originally made its debut on May 24th, 2016. And as it previously teased, Blizzard has been preparing for this day quite extensively, preparing a meaty anniversary event that would get everyone playing all over again. Guess what – it’s here!

The publisher has confirmed that the Overwatch Anniversary Event has gone live, and it’s offering up a lot of goodies for fans to celebrate with, including the ability to earn 100 new cosmetic items through Commemorative Loot Boxes. These include a variety of “skins, dance emotes, sprays and more,” amongst other goodies.

The Anniversary update also comes with three new Arena maps, including inspirations based upon Dorado, Eichelwalde and Temple of Anubis. The company has noted that these are “small maps built for intense action,” and involve taking out “all enemy players to win a round – and, ultimately, win the match.” They’re available now through the Arcade and can support 3 vs. 3 matches with ease.

The maps are called Necropolis, an “impromptu field base” where Ana “can keep an eye on things,” according to the publisher. "Head to Ana’s preferred vantage point at the top of the ruins, and use the high ground (and the element of surprise) against the enemy team. Or walk the stone corridors below, and take the fight to them directly--just watch out for pits."

The second map is Castillo, an “old fort looking out over Dorado’s bay. It's the location of Calaveras, a bar frequented by questionable patrons; a graffitied Los Muertos hangout; and Sombra's hacking den. Test your skills against the enemy team throughout Castillo's multiple levels, and use its winding stairs for cover and strategic advantage."

Last but not least is Black Forest, located "on the outskirts of Eichenwalde, the misty Black Forest map wraps around a long-overlooked battlefield dotted with the wreckage of Bastion units. Flank your opponents on pathways between the castle and woods, and use the wooden balconies to move between the second stories of houses throughout the forest."

And, of course, the new skins look fantastic thus far, especially D.Va’s, complete with a “We can do it!” female role model sort of appearance that fans are going to love.

So dig in, because this event is underway and you don’t want to miss the action!

Overwatch is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.