The Pokemon Anime's Latest Hero Gets His Own Figure

Last month, Pokemon Sword and Shield finally arrived on Nintendo Switch. With every new mainline Pokemon game comes a new era for the show's long-running anime, and Pokemon Sword and Shield are no exception. In Japan, a new season of the show has recently started, and it introduced Ash's latest traveling companion, a boy named Go. Ever since Tracey Sketchit first took Brock's place during Ash's adventures in the Orange Islands, Ash has had new friends join him on his various journeys, but not all of them have had the honor of being immortalized in plastic. Go, however, will be an exception to the rule, as the character will appear in a new wave of Pokemon Kids toys from Bandai!

Pokemon Bandai toys
(Photo: Bandai)

The Pokemon Kids line is a wave of smaller, stylized finger puppets that come with a couple pieces of gum. The line has been going for quite some time now, and the various waves have covered the video games, anime, and even Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. The wave that Go appears in will also include Ash in the clothes he'll be wearing in the new episodes of the show, alongside several Pokemon that have debuted in Sword and Shield, including Rolycoly, Gossifleur and Alcremie. The previous wave included Grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble and other Pokemon from the new games. The newest line is expected to arrive in Japan in April, 2020.

Sadly, the Pokemon Kids toys have never gotten an official local release. Fortunately, they tend to be relatively inexpensive, and can usually be found at comic conventions, on eBay, or through other sites that specialize in Japanese Pokemon products.


As of this writing, the latest episodes of the Pokemon: The Series do not yet have an air date outside of Japan. The latest series offers an interesting twist on the show's usual setup. After Ash's victory in the Alolan Pokemon League, he finds himself revisiting the various regions established in the games and show. Ash ends up in Galar after hearing reports of gigantic Pokemon appearing around the region. Go is the latest trainer to join Ash on his journey. The younger trainer was determined to make Mew his very first Pokemon, but ended up with Scorbunny, one of the Galar region's starting Pokemon.

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