The Team Behind Street Fighter EX Will Debut A New Game At EVO

Remember back in April, when the team behind the 3D polygonal Street Fighter EX games debuted an April Fools trailer for what could be a potentially new game? Well, it turns out it may not be much of a joke after all.

ARIKA, the development team behind the 3D fighting games, apparently have something new in the works, and will reveal it in a couple weeks' time when EVO 2017 takes place from July 14th through the 16th at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The tournament's organizer, Joey Cuellar, confirmed as such on Twitter, noting, "The big announcement is out! ARIKA to showcase a new playable title at #EVO2017! Register today!" alongside the registration link for the page.

That's pretty much all we know at this point, but we did publish the April Fools trailer above, and it indicates that this could very well be the new project that the team is unveiling – an entirely original, yet definitely retro-fied, 3D fighting game with plenty of original characters and sick fighting moves, including plenty of combos.

ARIKA didn't confirm if the title would be playable on the show floor or not, but, at the very least, we'll get a closer look at it in action, and maybe even get an introduction to the various characters that are included in it, so we get an idea of who we'll be fighting as when the game eventually comes out.


We'll bring you full details from the event as soon as they're confirmed!