New The Walking Dead Game Announced, First Trailer Revealed

The Walking Dead's universe is expanding even further still with a new game announced this week alongside a trailer and a release window. It's called The Walking Dead: All Stars, and similar to other games adapted from The Walking Dead, it'll feature a range of well-known characters such as Rick and Carl Grimes, Glenn, Negan, and more. The Walking Dead: All Stars is planned for a release on mobile devices, and while it doesn't have a specific release date, it's said to be arriving "soon" on the mobile marketplace.

Described as a "collection RPG," gameplay in The Walking Dead: All Stars consists of recruiting the aforementioned characters and more recognizable ones from the series to bolster a settlement. In addition to the trailer below, a site set up for the game offers more info on some of the characters players will encounter as well as what activities players and their gathered characters will participate in. Staging battles, making supply runs, and auto searching for resources (and presumably more allies?) are all features described there.

A press release accompanying this announcement offered more info on the game's core features:

The World of The Walking Dead – Explore a new and evolving storyline set in a post-apocalyptic version of Buffalo, New York, as depicted in The Walking Dead comic book series from Skybound.

Recruit Rick, Michonne, Glenn and more – Meet and recruit new survivors and iconic characters based on The Walking Dead franchise each featuring new and unique comic book-style illustrations.

Explore, Battle and Collect – Through a variety of story driven modes and regular in-game events, players will explore the devastated wasteland, battle against the Walker hordes and collect important resources that will allow their sanctuary to flourish.

An RPG Fight for Survival – Players will control their destiny in RPG gameplay allowing them to enlist the help of survivors as they take on increasingly challenging missions with bigger rewards.

Battle Against Others (PvP) – The real threat in the post-apocalyptic world isn't the Walkers, it's the other survivors – Players can compete against others in the PvP mode to earn important rewards to strengthen their town.

The Walking Dead: All Stars is available for pre-registrations now and will come to mobile devices soon.