Overkill's The Walking Dead Game Getting Big Reveal This Weekend

What if I told you that there's a The Walking Dead video game around the corner that isn't a mobile game? What if I told you that a developer responsible for a fan favorite online multiplayer game has been hard at work on its own The Walking Dead game for years, and is about to reveal something big?! If that sounds exciting, then get pumped, because Overkill, the studio behind the Payday series, is teasing a big The Walking Dead announcement for this Sunday:

"Washington is about to fall." Given the setting, I think it's safe to assume that Overkill's game will feature new characters not seen in the show or in the comic series. This is okay with us, since this means that we'll probably get to create our own characters, or else learn entirely new ones. For fans who have seen every episode, read every issue, and blazed through Telltale's series, it will be nice to have some fresh faces.

Believe it or not, we actually don't know anything else about the game at this point. It was first announced years ago, and we don't have any kind of extended gameplay trailer, release window, or solid details about how the game will actually play. Given Overkill's record, we believe that there's a chance this could operate similarly to Payday, with players joining up with others online to defend a location as survivors, or alternatively, attack a location as the undead. Just think of something like Payday or Rainbow Six Siege but with zombies, and you can understand why everyone is so anxious to finally learn more about this game.

There was a brief "gameplay" trailer shown off in 2015, but it only gives us a few brief snapshots of what we can expect. Check it out:


For now we will have to make do with the teaser site, which you can find right here. There's a timer counting down to the announcement on Sunday, and since the timer takes up the entire page we're going to assume that it's leading up to a trailer, and not just a blog post. This could be huge, so stay tuned! We'll update you as soon as we learn more.