'The Walking Dead: The Final Season' Gets a Release Schedule for All Episodes

Telltale Games shared a release schedule for the rest of the episodes of The Walking Dead: The [...]

Telltale Games shared a release schedule for the rest of the episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season that space the rest of the game out until December.

Done Running released yesterday on Aug. 14, the first episode of the four-part Final Season that wraps up Telltale's take on The Walking Dead. The newest episode puts players back in control of Clementine who's still trying to navigate a world filled with walkers while also keeping track of AJ. The release of the first episode was previewed with the launch trailer above that was shared last week to catch players up on the story and tease what's to come.

Now that the first episode is out, Telltale has informed players when they can expect the rest of the installations in The Final Season. Spacing the releases out less than a month apart at times, players can expect another episode out every month up to December.

The full schedule can be seen below with Suffer the Children, Broken Toys and Take Us Back coming out over the course of the next three months.

If you haven't yet purchased The Walking Dead: The Final Season and were waiting first to receive some indication as to when you'd get the rest of the episodes, you can still buy the entire four-part series for $20. It comes with all of the episodes, with the first one out now and the rest automatically available as soon as they're released in the order shared in the schedule above. You can also try out a demo of the game to play the first 15 minutes of Done Running.

The Final Season offers several improvements from the rest of Telltale's The Walking Dead games. The same emotional story is there — this one, of course, promising to be more impactful than ever — and a new over-the-shoulder camera perspective. It also supports 4K resolution and HDR, features that'll make the new graphic black art style that was previewed look even better.

There's also another feature called the Story Builder that lets players revisit the biggest moments throughout the series. Telltale shared more info on that new component to The Final Season here.

"Introducing The Walking Dead: The Final Season Story Builder, an interactive, browser-based experience that allows you to relive the series' most impactful story-branching moments," Telltale said. "Your choices in the Story Builder produce a unique version of Clementine that can later be imported into the game itself. These choices will then be reflected in The Final Season. The Story Builder is available now and can be accessed here."

The first episode of The Walking Dead: The Final Season is now available.