'The Witcher's' Ciri and More Now In 'Fallout 4' Thanks to This Mod


There are so many ways mods make games better but for The Witcher fans, this Fallout 4 mod is perfection. Especially with all of the Ciri news roaming around concerning the upcoming Netflix series.

Mods are a fantastic way for players of any type of game to freshen up the experience a bit while also adding an incredible amount of replayability. With Netflix's The Witcher series being the talk of the town amongst the gaming community, they are also the perfect way for fans worried about recent revelations to get the experiences they want ... just in the Wasteland.


Nexus Mods user 'Navy5465' didn't just mod in our beloved green-eyed Ciri, but Geralt of Rivia himself! It's not just one mod though that makes this look stunning, there is also a ton of retexturation and HD render modifications as well but holy damn, are they stunning.

You can also see The Witcher's Triss in all of her red-haired glory as well, and this fan-project is the perfect blend of two very, very different worlds.

Unlike other mods we share, this one isn't actually available to upload. Unfortunately, the only ones this user has available for public use is their 'Kristen Preset' character model and their "Pose It" file that adds 82 new poses to Fallout 4 for those that love to take epic screenshots. No word on whether or not they will add these incredible The Witcher additions to the Wasteland itself, but we're hoping by writing this up we can generate enough interest for the creator to pursue it!


In the meantime, Fallout 4 is home to amazing mod projects for both PC and console. The more immersive total conversion mods are only for PC, but that doesn't mean Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players can't have their own fun as well!

To learn even more about the different mods available for Fallout 4, you can check out our game hub right here. You can also learn more about the RPG yourself below:


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