The Witcher III Actually Sold Better This Year Than It Did Last Year


Well, here's something you don't see that often in the video game industry – a popular title that actually thrives in sales as time goes on.

Granted, we know Grand Theft Auto V is a beast, but it turns out that CD Projekt Red's The Witcher III: Wild Hunt has a similar longevity going for it. The developer recently revealed its revenue numbers for the year, and it's very good news heading into its next project, Cyberpunk 2077.

According to the report, the company's gaming division grew 10 percent, a surprising statistic considering it didn't launch a new game since Wild Hunt. In addition, its GOG division also saw a huge revenue jump by 63 percent.

The company also reported that it made $45.3 million in net profit for the period, up 40 percent from the previous year.

But here's the surprising stat – sales for The Witcher III actually picked up this year, from 2016. CEO Marcin Iwinski noted that the game and expansions have thrived since that time. That's really surprising, even with a Complete Edition on the market. It generated a considerable amount of "tangible revenue," according to Iwinski.

Gwent is also on the company's plate, with the game recently launching in open beta and releasing sometime later this year for consoles and PC.

As far as the company's future plans, it laid down an outline of details in terms of what's coming next. Obviously, Cyberpunk is down the road, but here's what we can expect from Gwent in the meantime:

  • Ongoing intensive marketing support on a larger scale with next milestones
  • Chinese version of Gwent – entering a new, expansive market
  • More language versions
  • New game modes
  • Paid single-player campaigns
  • Further tournaments and gaming events

It seems like a really solid plan, and feedback for Gwent thus far has been pretty solid, with fans easily getting into their card games and playing alongside others. We'll see how sales fare for the game following its release sometime later this year.

Oh, and if you haven't played The Witcher III: Wild Hunt yet, you totally should. It's available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.