Netflix's The Witcher Series Makes Progress on Pilot Episode

The writer working on the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher announced over the weekend that the [...]

The writer working on the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher announced over the weekend that the script for the pilot episode of the upcoming series is now complete.

Lauren S. Hissrich, the writer responsible for the show's script, tweeted on Saturday that the pilot's script was now "out for notes" while adding that she'd be taking some time to herself after finishing the draft.

Back in January, Hissrich tweeted about the pilot episode again with an image that read "End of Pilot" along with her tweet that told fans of The Witcher that "it's been a big week." In a follow up to that previous tweet where a commenter asked what kind of steps came next regarding rewrites and editing, Hissrich responded that there were "so many" steps to take next, many of which have now apparently been accomplished with the latest script draft moving along.

While Hissrich is working as the writer for The Witcher's Netflix series, she's also reportedly operating as the series' showrunner and executive producer, according to Variety (via GameSpot). Outside of The Witcher, Hissrich is also known for her work on other Netflix shows such as The Defenders and Daredevil prior to being hired to work on The Witcher.

Most people who think of The Witcher will likely first think about the game's that CD Projekt Red created, specifically the most recent installation, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The Netflix adaptation, however, will be based on the novel series from author Andrzej Sapkowski as opposed to being based on the video game series with Sapkowski still being involved in the creative side of the Netflix series.

Familiar characters such as Geralt of Rivia will still be included in the Netflix adaptation, though who will play the role of Geralt remains to be announced. No information has been provided on who will play the rest of the characters either, and the Netflix series doesn't yet have a release date.