'The Witcher' Showrunner Teases Mature Content Not Safe For Kids

the witcher henry cavill geralt

Today, Lauren S. Hissrich, the showrunner of The Witcher Netflix series, took to Twitter to tease fans of a new cut of the show she recently viewed.

According to Hissrich, the show isn't suitable for five-year-old children, which will not surprise any fans of The Witcher, who will be quite familiar with the series' exploration of a variety of mature themes. Whether its sex on top of a unicorn or Geralt spilling the bloody innards of a Drowner, nobody can accuse The Witcher of not earning its reputation for being grisly.

Of course, this will be music to the ears of many Witcher fans who may have had concerns that Netflix would look to dumb the series and its mature content down to appeal to a larger audience and avoid any controversy. But from the sounds of it, The Witcher is as dark as ever, and I know fans of the series would have it no other way.

At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of when The Witcher will release, but we do know it will debut sometime this year with an eight-episode run. Further, the current round of reports are suggesting that internally Netflix is very happy with how the show is coming along, and is already looking to greenlight multiple seasons before the first one even airs.

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