The Witcher Photo Suggests Ciri May Train at Kaer Morhen in Season 2

Netflix's The Witcher is already starting the road to season 2, and while it won't hit until 2021, we do a very interesting detail to chew on to pass the time thanks to Ciri actress Freya Allan. As fans of season 1 know, Ciri finally meets up with Geralt in the final moments of the final episode, and the two then head towards Sodden Hill, which is where we last saw Yennefer. After they meet up with Yennefer though the question is what's next, and an Instagram story from Allan seems to indicate that the next stop could very well be Kaer Morhen, as she shows what looks to be a sword on the passenger seat of her car (via Reddit).

The sword is sitting on the seat with the words DIVA written underneath it, and while there isn't any other context, it's easy to surmise that this means season 2 will at least touch on her training with Geralt at the old Wolf school Kaer Morhen. In the books, Geralt takes her to Kaer Morhen to train with him, and that sword definitely seems like something that a person in training would use.

It would also make sense from a storyline perspective in the show. Ciri has now learned how to survive on her own and has used a weapon and her own powers out of desperation, but she's done so by the skin of her teeth. After what she's seen at Cintra and in the aftermath of Sodden Hill, she will likely want to increase her skill set and harness her power, and there's no better place to do that than with Geralt at Kaer Morhen.

In the books, this doesn't happen until Blood of Elves, but the show is moving along at a different pace and is picking stories from different spots in time to adapt in a new way. This is evidenced by how season 1 included content from both The Last Wish and Sword of Destiny, and odds are stories from both of those will also make their way into season 2. It makes sense to introduce this aspect of the books though sooner than later, especially now that the two have finally met.


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