The Witcher: New Season 2 Images Hint at Kaer Morhen, Past Witchers, and More

The Witcher is in the midst of its 6 Days of Witchmas celebration, and it kicked things off with a vote for what the first gift should be. Fans could pick between cuts from The Witcher season 1 or the Law of Surprise, and it was a large victory for the Law of Surprise. Netflix delivered what it promised this morning, revealing new images from season 2. We got three new images in total, and while we don't see any characters appearing in them, there are some cool details here, and you can check out all three of the new images in the post below.

The first image reveals a block that holds five swords, holding four swords and missing one, though it can be seen laying on the table the block sits on. Combined with the third photo, this could very well be a look at Kaer Morhen, the fortress where several Scool of the Wolf Witchers reside and a location we know will play into season 2.

The second photo features a weary-looking banner in a campsite and a few other structures with heavily knotted rope visible securing them. The third photo reveals several Wolf Medallions, and the cool thing is that they all seem to be different. Perhaps this is a place where fallen Witchers are recognized at Kaer Morhen or just an area where the evolution of the medallions is spotlighted. Either way, it's cool to see all the different takes on the symbol.

The next vote up is between a Season 2 Script Page and the Law of Surprise, and while the vote is still leaning towards Surprise, hopefully, we end up getting the script page when all is said and done. You can vote below.

You can find the official Witchmas description below.

"The presentation of these gifts will be dictated by #Witchmas tradition:

Crossed swords On each of the 6 DAYS OF WITCHMAS, I will offer you a gift. You may choose to accept that gift, OR you may choose to invoke the Law of Surprise. Crossed swords The decision will be made as a collective, based on a vote that will be held here. The winning choice will be revealed the following day – along with a new offering and another vote. Crossed swords Choose wisely, for my gift offers are sincere, but the Law of Surprise is out of my musically-gifted hands.


The 6 DAYS OF WITCHMAS will begin 16 December and end on 21 December. The first vote will be conducted on 15 December, the eve of the feast. Happy #Witchmas!"

The Witcher is available to stream on Netflix now, and you can hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Witcher!