Ninja To Call Thursday Night Football Tonight for Twitch

Pro streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins is known for his skyrocket to fame due to Fortnite and now it [...]

Pro streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is known for his skyrocket to fame due to Fortnite and now it looks like he's taking his skills over into the realm of football. Now that Twitch is hosting NFL's Thursday Night Football for this season, Ninja will be there along the way to give his own play-by-play.

The 27-year old streamer have over 12 million followers on his own channel with a popularity that has continued to grow over the past year. He will be joined by other streamers, musicians, athletes, and celebrities during the new Thursday Night Football season, including his pal Drake.

The streamer recently released a press statement courtesy of Variety regarding his new gig since he is "a lifelong NFL fan, which runs in the family." According to Blevins, "It's cool to be able to co-stream and commentate a 'Thursday Night Football' game for my Twitch community and connect with them over other interests like this."

Now for those feeling a little generous, Twitch is also offering a way for football fans to give back. For every 100 "bits" cheered during the games, Twitch will donate 1 dollar to United Way. For those unfamiliar with "bits" in the Twitch-verse, it's a digital currency that starts at $1.40 for 100 bits. You can also earn free bits by watching ads, as well!

The Thursday Night Football games featuring Ninja's commentary will kick off today on his channel alongside other gamecasters such as Jericho, TimTheTatman, and GoldGlove. It officially begins tonight - December 13 - at 8:20 PM ET!

For those interested in the new season, the Thursday Night Football event will also be available on Amazon Prime, the NFL Network, and Fox.

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