Tiny Barbarian DX Hacking Away On Nintendo Switch Next Month

Looking for a platforming/hack and slash adventure to get you through the dogs days of fall on Nintendo Switch? Nicalis has you covered.

The publisher has announced that it will release its old-school adventure Tiny Barbarian DX for Nintendo Switch on October 10th. It'll be available digitally, but there will also be a special print edition, which will include a full-color instruction booklet, as well as a PVC key chain of the Tiny Barbarian in a microfiber pouch, featuring the game's logo. The box art was designed by Susumu Matsushita, who also designed many iconic covers for Famitsu Magazine.

Here's the game's official overview, straight from Nicalis:

A tremendously satisfying platform-jumping/sword-swinging 2-D adventure from developer StarQuail Games, Tiny Barbarian DX is easy to learn and hard to master. "I'm not saying I hate tutorials in video games," says designer Michael Stearns, "but this game starts out by telling you the functions of two buttons and then sets you on a mountain surrounded by enemies where you will surely die."

The presentation may be pixel-art perfection, but Tiny Barbarian DX is not afraid to take a few liberties with the retro-gaming aesthetic. You might see the occasional transparency effect or hear more instruments in the soundtrack than you probably remember from your old 16-bit game cartridges…and the super-widescreen aspect ratio is an obvious concession to modern displays. But it's all done with great taste and supreme reverence for the games that paved the way—some of which are directly referenced in the level designs or gameplay.


The game's pricing has been set for $29.99, and while that may be a little steep compared to other Nintendo Switch indie titles, it should be a suitable adventure for those of you that have been looking to deliver a hurt to enemies.

You can check the game out in action in the trailer above, which will really get you in the mood for its shenanigans. The game will also come out for Steam in a "complete" form sometime later in the year, though a specific release date for that game hasn't been given just yet.