Titanfall 2 Dev Talks Xbox One X Enhancement


One of last year's more enjoyable games was Titanfall 2, a game that improved upon the original release with multiplayer enhancements, along with a new single player campaign that really drew players in. And, a year later, it's still seeing a pretty strong community of players – and Respawn Entertainment really wants to reward those that are picking up an Xbox One X.

That's because the developers have been hard at work with features that are being updated for that particular version of the game, since Titanfall 2 is a premiere title on the list of Xbox One X enhanced games. Microsoft recently had a chance to speak with Drew McCoy, who serves as lead producer for the title, about the process.

First up, be explained what the team is doing specifically to make the game better than ever on the Xbox One X. "We have increased the rendering details and dynamic resolution cap of Titanfall 2 on X1X," he explained. "This means the game will always output a 4K signal, but dynamically alter the resolution based on GPU load to ensure smooth framerates. Additionally, we have brought over from the PC version of Titanfall 2 Dynamic Superscaling for times when even full 2160p doesn't push the X1X GPU to 100% utilization. Players will benefit from these enhancements whether they are enjoying our single player campaign or playing online. The characters you'll meet and environments you'll battle through will be rich with new detail and the epic mayhem of a multiplayer match will run smoothly even with dozens of grunts, Pilots, and Titans going at it in a match of Attrition."

As far as what effect these will have on the game experience, McCoy noted, "Titanfall 2 on X1X is a substantially clearer/sharper image presentation. Players will notice lots of little details in the world and it maintains the fluid 60 fps framerate needed for smooth gameplay more often so you won't see any frame rate drops even with a bunch of 20 foot Titans battling it out at once."

And he believes that fans will react accordingly with the changes. "We think they'll love them! Whether they are enjoying the enhanced visuals while traversing the epic single player campaign or in the middle of a chaotic battle in Attrition, they will notice new details that make it feel like they are seeing it with new eyes. And there isn't any other game that can replicate the smooth and frenetic gameplay of Titanfall 2, and so now playing with more stable framerates at 4K turns it into a sublime experience."


The Xbox One X releases on November 7th. Meanwhile, Titanfall 2 is available now for Xbox One, as well as PlayStation 4 and PC.