Titanfall 2 Officially Joins EA Access And Origin Access

Earlier this summer, Electronic Arts promised us that two of its biggest hits from 2016, Titanfall [...]


Earlier this summer, Electronic Arts promised us that two of its biggest hits from 2016, Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1, would be joining both the EA Access and Origin Access subscription programs. Thus far, we have yet to hear anything on Battlefield 1's official inclusion date, since it's still selling so well. However, we do have the other game to tide us over.

The publisher has officially added Titanfall 2 to both EA Access and Origin Access, which means it's free-to-download if you're a member of either program. The full game is here, along with its many updates, including a most recent one that features a new four player co-op mode, along with two additional maps, including a remastered favorite from the original Titanfall game.

The company has been adding a number of great games to the service as of late, including big hits like Star Wars: Battlefront and all of its respective maps, as well as Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 and a handful of others. That has made the programs' Vaults a big draw for gamers, as they could download whatever games they please from it to enjoy, provided they're subscribers to the service.

Titanfall 2 serves as a beneficial title for the services, not only offering a robust, exciting single player campaign for the first time in the series, but also the signature multiplayer that we've come to expect from Respawn Entertainment, complete with all the wall-running, Titan-dropping and explosive action. So if you haven't jumped in yet, you've still got time to discover one of last year's better games.

On top of that, the services offer other perks as well. EA Access, for instance, provides early access to a number of games. The Sims 4 will no doubt get a big exclusivity window, and Star Wars: Battlefront II will be available days before its official release. So if the Vault isn't enough to draw you in with its immense library, chances are that the remaining features with both EA Access and Origin Access will do the trick.

We'll have more information on when Battlefield 1 will join the program soon. In the meantime, go enjoy Titanfall 2!