Tom Clancy's The Division is 70% Off Right Now

(Photo: Ubisoft)

Whether you're a long-time Tom Clancy fan or just looking for a new first person shooter to try out, Tom Clancy's The Division is a great steal right now at 70% off on Steam, the Playstation Store, and Xbox Live. The Division hit shelves and digital stores this past March, and according to Ubisoft, it quickly became the company’s best-selling game, raking in $330 million globally during its launch week.

Alongside the sale is an all-new DLC Expansion called Survival, set during a snowstorm in New York City at a crucial moment when the SHD agents have run out of supplies. It’s up to their wit and resourcefulness to help them survive, and the expansion is full of new resources to help you out.

The developers' latest blog post summarized what was in store for the game for eager new players and those who have been returning as of recent: “Survival is the ultimate The Division survival fantasy, where you have to scavenge for supplies and gear while you try to stay alive in a raging snow storm, facing all kinds of dangers and horrors on the way. “

Players can enable PvP or PvE modes in the expansion -- PvP allows players to work in cooperation mode or go against one another anywhere in the game, while PvE limits that to just cooperation among the players. A deadly new enemy awaits players as well, known as the Hunter. This baddie, according to the game’s official website, is always “one step ahead” of the player, so beware.


Along with the update, a new patch has arrive that enables higher resolution and faster frame rates for Playstaton 4 Pro players, pushing the game into a bright now horizon on the path to 4K.

Tom Clancy's The Division is on shelves and available digitally right now for Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One.