Rumor: New Tony Hawk Game Leaked by Retailer

A new Tony Hawk game has leaked via a German retailer. More specifically, a new Tony Hawk game -- dubbed Tony Hawk's Alcatraz -- has been leaked via German retailer Gameware. Beyond leaking the game itself, the retailer also makes note of platforms and a release date. As for the former, the retailer pushed listings for both PS4 and Xbox One versions. Meanwhile, an October 30 release date was attached to both.

Unfortunately, this is where the salient details dry up. As for the details there, they all seem to check out. For one, while the title sounds a bit absurd, don't forget Alcatraz has been a destination for the series in the past. Meanwhile, October 30 is a Friday, the most common day for big game releases to drop.

As for the platforms, this would be before either the PS5 or Xbox Series X release, so it makes sense the game would be on PS4 and Xbox One. And it will probably be on PC as well. However, it's safe to assume the game will also be ported to PS5 and Xbox Series X, given its proximity to the release of both consoles.

The only detail that sticks out is that it sounds like a brand new game. Last year -- and this March -- we heard Activision was planning on dropping some Tony Hawk action this year, but each time we heard about said plans, they mentioned the game as a remaster/remake of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. This title sounds like a new game, and as some have pointed out, it also sounds like a battle royale experience.

Of course, all of this information should be taken with a grain of salt. While leaked listings from retailers like Amazon or Best Buy are usually quite reliable, listings from smaller, region specific retailers aren't nearly as reliable. Further, even if some or all of this information is correct, it's also subject to change.


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