New Total War Leaks Ahead of Official Reveal

A new game in the Total War series, which is typically a strategy game where players lead armies to victory while managing diplomatic relations, economies, settlements, and more, appears to have leaked ahead of its official reveal. Though there's some quibbling on exactly what the name is, a magazine cover has spoiled that some kind of Total War video game set in Troy is on the way.

More specifically, the cover of a new issue of PC Gamer devotes the majority of its page to an exclusive reveal of Troy: A Total War Saga. Or, alternatively, Total War Saga: Troy, if the game actually follows the schema of the previously released Thrones of Brittania. The most recent Total War game, Total War: Three Kingdoms, was released earlier this year, and focused on a partially fictionalized version of China.

The cover, which you can check out below, was tweeted out by Andy Kelly, who does work for PC Gamer. In all likelihood, the release was intended to coincide with a reveal being teased on the official Total War website for tomorrow, September 19th, at 10am ET. The cover and the small amount of artwork attached to the reveal tease are also very similar, further lending the whole thing some legitimacy. Not that PC Gamer would print something false, or anything, but that the cover is out before the actual reveal.

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Troy: A Total War Saga (or Total War Saga: Troy) is expected to be announced tomorrow morning. Total War: Three Kingdoms is currently available on PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of PC gaming right here.

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