Travis Scott PS5 Game and Console Reportedly in the Works

Rapper Travis Scott continues to make some bold marketing and promotional moves in the gaming industry. There's buzz going around that Scott is looking to capitalize on the hype surrounding next-gen gaming consoles right now, by developing his own Playstation 5 game. Additionally, word is that Sony's deal with Travis Scott could also see the release of his own cobranded console. This is the latest update on Scott's ongoing partnership with Sony, which was first announced back in October, with teases that Scott's Cactus Jack company will "produce innovative projects" for the Playstation.

According to Forbes, Travis Scott's deal with Sony has netted him upwards of $1 million initially, with a multi-year plan that could bring in $20 million or more.

While speaking with Forbes, Travis Scott wouldn't divulge exactly what he is envisioning for his Playstation partnership - but that didn't stop him from teasing fans with some vague promises of an imminent reveal: "It's all going to roll out in the next couple of weeks."

There's really no telling what Travis Scott and his marketing team have planned for Sony and the PS5 - or how wildly successful it could be. The entire angle of Forbes article is examining how Travis Scott is single-handedly re-writing the rules of celebrity endorsement.

In 2020, Scott jumped into the void of the music industry shut down due to COVID 19, and launched a virtual concert event on Fortnite that netted him $20 million, including big merchandising sales for his Cactus Jack branding company. Scott followed that spring Fornite win up with a high-profile summer collaboration with Christopher Nolan on the final track for the Tenet soundtrack. In late summer-fall, Scott launched his own custom McDonald's menu item, which was such a hit the fast-food chain actually ran out of supplies of it.

Travis Scott PS5 Game Console Sony Deal Partnership

The key difference Travis Scott has achieved as a celebrity endorser is getting to dictate the vision and plan the companies go with. That means that these projects are, quite literally, from the mind of Travis Scott, and he is someone that will absolutely keep us guessing. The Travis Scott PS5 console will instantly be a sell-out novelty, no matter what it looks like; as for a game? Hip-hop has a spotty history in gaming, but every now and again rappers are spun into gaming concepts that are unique and fun (see: Def Jam: Fight for NY). Travis Scott's albums are a tableau of crazy imagination and cross-pollinated influences - can't wait to see what that looks like as a game.

The Playstation 5 is now on sale, where available.