Travis Strikes Again Isn’t A No More Heroes Sequel – But We Could Still Get One

Last week, Nintendo and director Goicha Suda (aka Suda 51) revealed a mind-blowing new project called No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again, which is set to debut on the Nintendo Switch sometime next year. Fans immediately went into a frenzy, and began questioning what we would see in the forthcoming sequel.

Only…it's not a sequel? I mean, it is a follow-up, but based on terminology from Suda 51, it's not quite No More Heroes 3. But that could certainly be in the cards, if Travis Strikes Again does well enough.

Speaking with Video Game Choo Choo (yes, that's a real site), Suda was asked, "So, the talk of sequels leads nicely into my next question. How exactly does this tie into No More Heroes 2? Obviously a lot of time has passed and Travis' situation has changed a lot, but you just said it's not quite a direct sequel. Will Travis Strikes Again address what's been going on with Travis since the events of No More Heroes 2 or will this be more of a self contained story?"

To which he responded, "Well again, it's not a direct sequel to No More Heroes 2, though they are directly related and take place in the same universe. Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes takes place seven years after the events of No More Heroes 2. As you've probably noticed it's "Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes", so "No More Heroes" is more a subtitle, there's not a number on it. This isn't a direct sequel and it's not No More Heroes 3, but it does address some of the things that happened in No More Heroes 1 and 2. While it is sort of a continuation of that stuff, it is not a direct sequel partially because No More Heroes is about one assassin against other assassins, and this isn't like that. This isn't exactly a spin-off, or something like that, and while it's not a direct sequel it is something of a stepping stone on the road to No More Heroes 3. So the way I'd like people to think of this game is like the beginning of a new battle for Travis, a new series within the series."

But he did note interest in making a part three down the road. When asked about it, he noted, "Yeah. If this succeeds I definitely want to put out a 3 someday."


Look, direct sequel or not, we're just happy to see No More Heroes on the map. More saves on the toilet!

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again arrives next year for Nintendo Switch.