Twitch Shares Stance on Net Neutrality


Twitch has joined the net neutrality discussion by sharing their stance on the issue and explaining how a lack of net neutrality would affect their streaming service.

By now, it's hard to have not heard of net neutrality and the impact that it'll have on different services. But for those who haven't, the post on Twitch's blog briefly explained the effect that net neutrality has on consumers and content creators.

"Net neutrality is the principle that forbids internet service providers (ISPs) from discriminating against data from a specific app, service, or platform," the post said. "It's a cornerstone of how the internet has always worked. However, current FCC leadership wants to do away net neutrality, and will vote on the issue this month."

Putting it into more gamer-friendly terms, the post equated the loss of net neutrality to a buff for ISPs and a nerf to consumers. Speaking to the effects that losing net neutrality would have on Twitch specifically, the company's CEO Emmett Shear provided his thoughts on net neutrality.

"Net neutrality has played an important role in the history of Twitch. Without it, we might not be here today, and our streamers might not be here tomorrow. Net neutrality prevents ISPs from abusing their position of power , such as giving priority to specific sites, slowing down access to sites that refuse to pay for a fast lane, and arbitrarily blocking sites. Because our streamer community — many of which are small business owners — depend on their viewers having easy access to their channels and reliable quality of service, repealing net neutrality will erode the power of the internet to enable and create these types of jobs. This is why we are lending our voice to championing a free and open internet ."


The post from Twitch closed by calling their readers to action when it comes to speaking out against what they refer to as a "potentially bleak future for the internet." The FCC's vote on net neutrality is scheduled to be held on Dec. 14.