High-Profile Streamers DrLupo, Lirik, and TimTheTatman Announce They Will Remain on Twitch

Ben "DrLupo" Lupo, Timothy "TimTheTatman" Betar, and Saqib "Lirik" Zahid aren't just some of the biggest streamers on Twitch, but some of the biggest streamers in the world. And all of three of them have just penned new -- presumably big -- deals with the aforementioned Amazon-owned platform that will see the trio stay on it for the foreseeable future. Obviously, specifics on the deals aren't disclosed, but presumably they are a direct result of Mixer poaching so many of Twitch's biggest streamers lately, such as Ninja and Shroud. In fact, even YouTube and Facebook Gaming have been recruiting some of Twitch's talent, so it's no surprise that Twitch is eager to retain what it has left.

While we don't have specifics on the deals, eSports and industry journalist Rod Breslau notes on Twitter that each deal runs in the millions.

"Loaded, the agency representing nearly all of the top streamers in the world including Ninja, Shroud, CouRage, TimTheTatman, DrLupo, and Lirik, continues to bring in multi-million dollar contract deals for all of their top clients," writes Breslau on Twitter.

Each streamer and content creator also announced the deals with special videos shared across their social media. You can check out each, below:

"We're really excited that DrLupo, LIRIK, and TimTheTatman will keep calling Twitch home," said Mike Aragon, Twitch's senior VP of content and partnerships. "They're incredible players and partners and each bring a unique style to their streams that really resonates with their communities. They've achieved a lot to date, and we're thrilled to be able to partner with and invest in them so they can continue to build on that success in the future."


As alluded to earlier, as this space gets more competitive, look for Twitch, Mixer, and others to continue to pursue these type of deals, which will theoretically only get bigger and bigger.

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