Ubisoft is Giving Away 2 Free Games on PC This Holiday

assassinscreed blackflag
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Ubisoft is celebrating some serious milestones this holiday season: this past month marked the official debut of Assassin’s Creed, as well as World in Conflict, an alternate-history strategy game. As part as the company’s holiday season Play Days, gamers can now get familiar with both franchises before the season ends. Using an official giveaway site, the company is officially giving away copies of World in Conflict and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag for a limited time, exclusively on PC.

Starting today, players can sign up to get a free key for World in Conflict: Complete Edition. The game originally launched back in 2007, developed by Swedish studio Massive Entertainment and was published by Ubisoft. World in Conflict challenges the player an alternate universe 1989 where the Soviet Union moved to invade Western Europe and set off World War III. World in Conflict was most pointedly unique at the time of its release for its multiplayer aspect, allowing up to 16 players to wage war at once. Along with the anniversary, Massive Studios is also celebrating its 20th ‘birthday’ in tandem with the release. This offer runs from December 4th through the 11th, when Ubisoft’s second giveaway offering goes live.

Players can pick up Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag starting on the 11th, which tells the story of Edward Kenway, the ancestor of Assassin’s Creed 3’s Connor Kenway. Taking control of Kenway and his pirate crew, the player can navigate a slightly more upbeat storyline than your standard Assassin’s Creed title, with all the additional perks of pirating, including sailing out on the open sea and battling other ships. Ubisoft will be offering the game for PC until December 18th.

Anyone who wants to get their hands on these titles can head over to the official giveaway site and then register for a code.