Ubisoft Wants More Games on Switch After Mario + Rabbids Success

The big wigs at Ubisoft are pleased: during a recent investor call, the company's leaders [...]

(Photo: Ubisoft/Nintendo)

The big wigs at Ubisoft are pleased: during a recent investor call, the company's leaders expressed their interest in publishing more upcoming titles on the Nintendo Switch. Ubisoft's most recent crossover with Nintendo, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, has performed extremely well particularly among Japanese players, according to Ubisoft Chief Financial Officer Alain Martinez. Martinez mentioned Ubisoft's long-time partnership with Nintendo, alluding to ongoing collaborations in the future like this one. In Japan alone, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle sold over 114 thousand units, debuting in first place on the Nintendo Switch on that wonderful island across the ocean.

Ubisoft already has a pretty impressive roster of games on the Switch, though many of its most notable franchises still haven't made their way to the platform. That list includes Mario + Rabbids, Just Dance 2018, Rayman Legends, Monopoly, and the upcoming Starlink: Battle for Atlas, which is set for 2018. Notably, bigger titles like the Assassin's Creed series aren't on the list, but the future apparently looks pretty bright in regards to Ubisoft's Switch releases.

Unfortunately, that's about all of the information around future Nintendo Switch titles that the company was able to provide. In the mean time, it might be worth revisiting Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, which is leagues of fun, combining the absolutely off-the-wall comedy with the classic level design and game play that players have come to expect from the Super Mario Franchise. Here's a little bit about the game, from its' official listing:

The Mushroom Kingdom has been torn apart by a mysterious vortex, transporting the chaotic Rabbids into this once-peaceful land. To restore order, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi must team up with a whole new crew: four Rabbids heroes! Together, they will battle with weapons through four worlds filled with combat, puzzles, and unpredictable enemies.

Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi join forces with four Rabbids heroes with their own unique personalities.

Easy to play, difficult to master. Solo and co-op turn-based combat is a fresh game play experience.

Battle with an arsenal of weapons through four new worlds filled with enemies, puzzles, and humorous fun!

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle is available now.

Source: DualShockers