Uncharted 4 Developer Reveals Assassin's Creed Easter Egg That Many Fans Didn't Notice

An animator that used to work at Naughty Dog on Uncharted has revealed that he added a callback to the Assassin's Creed franchise in multiple installments of the action-adventure series. However, due to the manner in which these Easter eggs needed to be activated in-game, he doesn't believe that it's something many fans ever noticed when playing.

Mentioned on Twitter, former Naughty Dog animator Jonathan Cooper shared what he believed was his own best Easter egg in a video game that he has helped work on. Cooper said that in Uncharted 4, he added what he referred to as "Assassin's Creed synchronizations" to the game in a section where Nathan Drake has to climb a large tower. However, in order for this synchronization moment to occur (which then simply pans the camera outward and shows Drake's surroundings), players needed to not touch the controller for a few moments. As such, he thinks it's something that went relatively unnoticed.

In the follow-up spin-off, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Cooper said that he made sure to rectify this. By shortening the time needed for this synchronization to activate, Cooper says that he believes many more fans noticed the Easter egg that was tucked away in The Lost Legacy. Not to mention, a trophy was also attached to the action meaning that players would be more encouraged to go out of their way to make this moment happen.

Even if this is something that some may have noticed when playing Uncharted 4 or Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, it's cool to hear Cooper say that both games were very clearly meant to pay homage to Assassin's Creed. Cooper even said that it was the least that he could do after Naughty Dog once accidentally left some concept art from Assassin's Creed in a version of a trailer that went live for Uncharted 4.


So did you happen to notice either of these Easter eggs when playing through both Uncharted titles? Be sure to let me know your thoughts either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.