V Rising PlayStation 5 Release Date Announced

V Rising's PlayStation 5 version finally has a release date.

After about a year in early access, developer Stunlock Studios released the 1.0 version of V Rising finally launched earlier this month. However, the vampire-based survival game only launched on PC. Stunlock Studios previously announced that it would be bringing V Rising to PlayStation 5 at some point this year, but didn't provide a firm release date when version 1.0 went live. Today, that's changed. The team officially announced that V Rising is coming to PlayStation 5 last month, and players who grab the Legacy of Castlevania bundle can hop in five days early.

V Rising PlayStation 5 Release Date

As mentioned, V Rising is coming to PlayStation 5 next month. The exact date you can jump in depends on which edition you purchase. The official launch date is June 11th, but two other editions come with early access and several other goodies. The standard edition will run players $39.99, though PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a 10% discount when they preorder. 

Meanwhile, the Castlevania Edition of V Rising costs $59.99 (PlayStation Plus subscribers still get that 10% discount) but also gets players five days of early access. That means you'll be able to get into V Rising on PlayStation 5 on June 6th. You'll also get the Legacy of Castlevania Premium Pack. This pack includes five Alucard-themed pieces of armor, three shapeshifting form variants, one new mount, four hairstyles, and plenty of Castlevania-inspired things to decorate your castle with.

Finally, the Complete Edition includes everything above and several other cosmetic DLCs for $99.99. Those DLC packs include the Eldest Bloodlines Pack, the Dracula's Relics Pack, and the Sinister Evolution Pack. Those all include a ton of new cosmetic items, though none of them are as big as the Castlevania bundle, which you will, of course, get with the Complete Edition.

While V Rising has only been out for a little over a week at the time of this writing, the survival game has proven to be a major hit on PC. That will likely continue when it comes to PlayStation 5, and it'll be fun to see what the developers at Stunlock dream up next. Hopefully, we start to get a better idea of what's coming next after the game comes to PlayStation 5 next month.

V Rising is available now on PC. The vampire-based survival game launches on PlayStation 5 on June 11th, though you can get in five days early if you purchase either of the special editions.