Steam's Latest Hit Tops 1 Million Players

The latest Steam sensation already has over 1 million players just a week after its launch and before it even left early access. That game is V Rising, a survival game centered around vampires that you'll no doubt have heard of already if you've been looking for a new game to play. V Rising developer Stunlock Studios shared this lofty player count recently along with other stats pertaining to different tasks accomplished within the game.

Over on social media, Stunlock announced the 1 million player milestone earlier in the week while thanking all those who'd already played the game for pushing that number upwards. That was a few days ago now, and given how this is the second weekend that the game's been out on Steam, that number will likely be going up even higher over the next couple of days.

If you haven't been playing V Rising, that figure should be enough to get your attention and make you wonder if it's worth your time. For those who have been playing, you may also find it interesting to see some of the stats shared by Stunlock after the studio talked about this player count achievement.

Another tweet shared soon after the one about 1 million players did exactly that by confirming things like the number of vampires killed and the number of castles that have been settled. Like the player count, it'll be interesting to see how those numbers below change as Stunlock shares more stat updates like this one.

The game's often been compared to Valheim because they share the survival genre with one another and both experienced quick rises to success. Valheim, for example, reached 1 million players within eight days after launch. That's technically one more day than it took V Rising to do so based on when the announcements were made, but because we don't know exactly when the players were tallied and the milestone was crossed, knowing both games accomplished that in such a short amount of time says enough on its own.

V Rising got a hotfix earlier this week, too, which is a good sign for those wondering how the game will be kept up with now that it's available in early access. At the time of publishing the game is sitting at the No. 6 spot in terms of highest concurrent players on Steam with a total of 131,968 people active in it right now.