Valkyrae Could Be Leaving YouTube

For the past two years, Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter has been one of the biggest streamers on YouTube. In early 2020, she signed an exclusive streaming deal with the video platform that helped bolster YouTube's streaming presence as a whole over time. Now, that contract has come up, meaning that Valkyrae is a free agent once again. And while it sounds as though Valkyrae herself already knows where her next streaming destination will be, fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out. 

In a recent stream that took place on her channel, Valkyrae informed her audience that she would be holding her final stream for the foreseeable future today on January 15. The reason for this absence is because Valkyrae has said that the announcement video that will reveal where she will be streaming exclusively in the future hasn't been released yet. Adding further context to this, Valkyrae explained that the video itself hasn't even been filmed, which means that she'll likely have to take a break from streaming for a couple of weeks at a minimum. "I can't really stream on said platform until the announcement video is posted," she said.

Valkyrae ended up taking to her Twitter account as well to further detail this ongoing situation to fans. "I'm sorry my main tweet seemed cryptic I just can't stream until the next announcement vid is completed," she told her viewers. "I'm not quitting streaming I promise I just dunno how long it'll take!"

Obviously, this whole situation involving Valkyrae has led to fans speculating about whether or not she could be moving from YouTube to another streaming platform such as Twitch. And while this is definitely a possibility, it seems more likely than anything that she'll end up continuing with YouTube in the future. As mentioned before, Valkyrae has been incredibly successful in her time on YouTube and has become the biggest female streamer on the platform by far. For YouTube to let her leave and go to another platform wouldn't make much sense, especially when you consider how much Valkyrae herself has praised YouTube in the past.

Do you think that Valkyrae will end up re-signing to stay with YouTube, or could we soon see her appear on Twitch? Let me know your own thoughts down in the comments section. 

[H/T Dexerto]