Valorant Is Already Banning Cheaters

Riot Games' new Valorant shooter hasn't even left its closed beta yet, but that hasn't stopped players from trying to cheat and subsequently getting banned from the game. Players attempting to hack or otherwise cheat in Valorant have already been banned, according to Riot, with more bans expected to happen in the future as cheaters continue their attempts. Those who haven't been cheating have also been able to see already the anti-cheat system that ends a match when a cheater is detected, a system that's leading to some satisfying moments when players know the cheater has or will be punished.

Riot's Paul Chamberlain, the anti-cheat lead for Valorant, tweeted about the game's first ban earlier in the week as it entered the closed beta stage and drew in tons of players and even more viewers. Chamberlain said it was unfortunate the first ban had to come so quickly since they hoped that they'd have a bit more time before players started cheating and subsequently getting banned, but the lead said the Valorant team was at least ready for the problem.

From the early previews of Valorant, you may recall seeing screens within the Riot offices that showed matches being terminated if a cheater was detected in the game. Players who've been active in the closed beta have perhaps seen one of those screens themselves after matches were ended because of cheaters.

The video below from a Twitter user and Valorant player shows what it looked like when someone who was cheating in their game was detected. Players may have their match ended early, but it's at least satisfying knowing the cheater has been detected and is going to get punished.


Valorant streamers and other players have had more than enough time now to show off their biggest moments from the closed beta with more clip-worthy plays expected to happen as the beta continues. The beta doesn't currently have an end date, so those who've been glued to Twitch waiting for a drop still have a chance.