Vampyr Publishers Are Hoping for a Sequel Instead of DLC

Vampyr’s publishers confirmed that they’re not planning on releasing DLC for the upcoming RPG [...]

(Photo: Focus Home Interactive)

Vampyr's publishers confirmed that they're not planning on releasing DLC for the upcoming RPG and are instead looking forward to releasing a sequel depending on how the game is received.

In a recent interview with MCV UK, Vampyr publishers Focus Home Interactive (The Surge, Call of Cthulhu) discussed their intent to avoid DLC while hint at plans that they and developers Dontnod (Life is Strange) may have.

"This is a purely solo experience; we did not plan DLC," said Cédric Lagarrigue, the president of Focus Home Interactive. "We would prefer, if the reception of the game justifies it, to think about a sequel. We and Dontnod already have some ideas, as there's so many incredible things to offer in such a universe."

Lagarrigue didn't expand on what plans they might have outside of DLC, but he did give those interested in Vampyr an idea of where it'll fit in their gaming library. Focus Home Interactive is known for several other smaller series such as the Farming Simulator games, but Vampyr is bigger than the rest, even if it's not quite a triple-A game.

"It is bigger than our previous titles, but is on-par with other games currently in production at Focus which will be released after Vampyr," Lagarrigue told MCV UK. "Our budgets, even if they do increase, are that of games filling the space between blockbusters and independent games. It is true that the game is impressive and has a strong personality, but because of its budget, it is not a triple-A. However, the universe, theme and quality of the game all allow it to exist in stores next to the blockbusters."

As its name suggests, Vampyr is all about vampire mythology, but it's about much more than just feasting and surviving. You'll be doing plenty of that, but there will be tough decisions attached to each action. Killing is vital when it comes to feeding yourself and staying alive, but as a medical professional who's been afflicted with the vampire plague, you're also attempting to cure others, thus resulting in some moral complications.

Vampyr is expected to be released on the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 sometime in either Q1 or Q2 of 2018.