Velocity Spirtual Successor in Development at Futurlab

Fans of FuturLab's cult-classic action series, Velocity, will be pleased to learn that the franchise is making a comeback -- at least in the form of a new spiritual successor. Thanks to a new partnership with Thunderful Games, Futurlab revealed this week that it is set to begin work on a new IP set in a sci-fi world that fans of the Velocity series will find familiar.

Futurlab is a studio that has been around for roughly two decades at this point, and while it has worked on a number of games over that span of time, the Velocity series is by far the studio's most popular work. The original Velocity was released in 2012 and was later followed up by an HD remaster for PlayStation Vita known as Velocity Ultra. The games were popular enough to later warrant a sequel, Velocity 2X, which was first released on PlayStation platforms and later arrived on PC and Nintendo Switch.

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with FuturLab, an experienced studio with marvellous critical acclaim," said Thunderful's Head of Publishing Dieter Schoeller in a statement accompanying the announcement. "The game, prototype, and vision presented to us is second to none! While we can't say much yet, we can be sure that the project launched with James and his team will delight gamers worldwide with a refreshingly new take on the action genre, presented with stunning visual style and super-tight gameplay mechanics."

It remains to be seen when this new Velocity-style game will end up releasing, but those who have hoped to see Futurlab return to the franchise in recent years should be excited to see this development come about. We'll keep you posted in the future about any news on this project here at


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