Vinyl Soundtracks For Battletoads, Conker, Viva Pinata, And More Are Coming

It seems like every month a new game is getting the vinyl treatment and we've got to admit - we're [...]


It seems like every month a new game is getting the vinyl treatment and we've got to admit - we're OK with that. The next titles lined up to be revamped for our musical pleasure includes the wonderful Battletoads, Conker, and Viva Pinata!

Courtesy of a new partnership with iam8bit, the three new soundtracks will bear stunningly elaborate art to go along with each title. This is in addition to the already announced vinyl sets. The Battletoads Battlemaniacs vinyl is doubly exciting, because it's the first time that the soundtrack has been released in all of the 25 years since launch.

(Photo: iam8bit)

In addition to the new line-up, the below versions that are in their store:

  • Battletoads in Battlemanicas - $28
  • Viva Pinata - $35
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day - $35
  • Battletoads -Sold out
  • Perfect Dark - Sold out
  • Banjo and Kazooie -Sold out

Iam8bit is no stranger to collaborating in the name of all things epic game-age. A little about the company itself:

"Founded in 2005, iam8bit is a creative production company that refuses to be pigeonholed, having crafted unique and memorable experiences for a broad spectrum of brands like HBO, Nintendo, PlayStation, Disney, MTV, Activision, Universal, Capcom, Interscope, Warner Bros., Machinima and countless others. These attentively cultivated experiences come in many forms — from events to one-of-a-kind mailers to commercials and films. In addition, iam8bit is currently developing several original IPs for feature, TV and digital distribution — as well as curating regular exhibitions at their Los Angeles-based gallery. The company is co-owned by Jon M. Gibson and Amanda White."

To sample their wares yourself, the line of Rare collectible vinyl sets can be found here alongside a few special edition pins and art prints. The three new vinyl sets announced will be shipping in Q2 of 2018!